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Jaya Biodegradable Spoon
1000-Count Case

Stalkmarket earth friendly paper tableware are made from sugar cane fiber that is a waste product of the sugar refining process.

Swiss Army Knife
Champion Plus

The Swiss Army Champion Plus Knife is one of the most useful, appreciated, and classic gifts you can give someone. The Champion Plus comes in Swiss-army-knife red and is loaded with handy implements. Precision crafted in Switzerland, this knife is constructed with an acid-resistant nylon and aluminum handle, and 100-percent stainless-steel components to last you for years.

Two-Room Cabin Tent
Columbia Cougar Flats
Six to Eight-Person

Comfortably house the entire family on camping trips with the Columbia CB-9000 Cougar Flats two-room tent, which can sleep six to eight people. For privacy, install the room divider to create 2 separate rooms, or quickly remove the curtain to create one large living area. It also includes two large bay windows for extravagant views. The tent provides a heady 86-inch center height and features a 1200 millimeter double-coated fly, sealed seams, and a polyethylene tub floor. The reflective zipper pulls make it easy to get in and out of the tent - even in the dark. It comes with a strong hybrid frame system, mixing both steel and fiberglass poles.

Teton Sports Frame Backpack
Wilderness 55 Internal

Boasting a compact main compartment that measures a mere 3,696 cubic inches, the Teton Wilderness 55 internal frame backpack is ideally sized for the light backpacker or young camper. Comfort-wise, the Wilderness 55 is outfitted with dual aluminum stays that adjust to the shape of your back, along with contoured shoulder, lumbar, and waist pads. In addition, the height of the shoulder straps is adjustable, helping the pack accommodate a wide range of torso lengths. The upshot is a well-fitting, lightweight pack (4.5 pounds without gear) that won't put undue stress on your back and shoulders even after a full day of hiking.

campfire tripod
Campfire Tripod
Constructed of forged iron, this will hold Cast Iron Dutch Ovens. It's easy to set up and has an adjustable 26" chain so you've got control of the heat. Holds up to 40 lbs

12-Inch Square Grill Pan
Lodge Pro-Logic Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron

Use the grill for steak, chicken, sandwiches, home fries, etc. Heat it at high heat for 5 to 7 mins prior to using. Then oil the grill and the meat with a little oil. After cooking, clean while hot in the sink. It cleans with ease. If you wait, it will be difficult to clean.

Cast-Iron Camp Dutch Oven
Cast iron creates superior heat retention, heats evenly, and loves a campfire. Fry up a mess of catfish, roast a chicken, or bake breads and cakes. Multiple sizes and options for Oven roasting on an open fire.

Bar-B-Q Cast Iron Wok
Who says you can't enjoy your favorite stir-fry dish on the grill? Instead of cooking indoors, cook out using this wok. It's made of cast iron so it heats up evenly and stays hot for those flash-fry meals. Create an all-veggie dish or add something creative to the mix like barbecue chicken or marinated prawns. Two side handles are wide, offering enough room for grabbing even with cooking mitts on.

Coleman Rectangular Sleeping Bag
Colossal 20-Degree
The Coleman 8041-855 Colossal 20-degree King Sleeping Bag is a comfortable three-season rectangular sleeping bag. At 39-inches by 81-inches, the king-size Colossal fits most body types up to six-feet-four-inches long. With five pounds of Hollofil-808 insulation, this moderate-temperature sleeping bag keeps you warm in temperatures down to 20-degrees Fahrenheit. Features include a cotton cover and cotton flannel liner that are commercial-machine washable, an exterior pocket, and the ability to zip two like-bags together for additional room.

G.I. Type Folding Cot
Heavy duty construction. Designed for adults.

Rectangular Queen Size
Coleman Hibernation 40-Degree

The Coleman 8041-949 Hibernation 40-Degree Two-Person Sleeping Bag is a comfortable three-season rectangular sleeping bag. At 66-inches by 75-inches, this bag can sleep up to two and fits most body types up to five-feet 11-inches long. With six pounds of Hollofil-808 insulation, this mild-temperature sleeping bag keeps you warm in temperatures down to 40-degrees Fahrenheit. Features include a cotton cover and cotton flannel liner that are commercial-machine washable, an exterior pocket, and the ability to zip two like-bags together when sleeping with another.

0-Degree Sleeping Bag
Wenzel Omega II/Great Falls Mummy

A great choice for three-season campers, the Wenzel Glacier II mummy-style sleeping bag offers a warm, comfortable night's sleep thanks to its 20-degree Fahrenheit temperature rating. It's filled with 3.5 pounds of hypoallergenic Omega II polyester fiber fill. The off-set quilt construction encapsulates the polyester fill between two layers of outer fabric to help reduce cold spots. The bag has a durable polyester outer shell and a soft polyester inner liner. It features a contoured drawstring hood, a 3-inch, full-length draft tube, and a 5-inch internal shoulder collar to help keep the cold out.

Two-Burner Propane Stove
Whether you're staying in a cabin, tent, or under the stars, the Coleman's Two-Burner Propane Stove will enhance any camping adventure. Equipped with two 10,000 BTU burners, you can whip up a meal in minutes. This Coleman stove works from a bulk cylinder (accessory hose not included). With just a single cylinder, you can use both burners on high for over an hour. This stove can boil a quart of water in 4.5 minutes. All this in an amazingly small package of 14.75-inches by 23.25-inches by 5.5-inches when closed for easy packing.

Liquid-Fuel Stove
MSR Windpro

If wind is your worry, but you prefer canisters over liquid fuel, then this is the stove for you. The WindPro worked better in wind tests than all the competitors, and it is the only remote canister stove sold complete with a windscreen and heat reflector.

Personal Cooking System
Coffee Press by Jetboil

The Jetboil Personal Cooking System is a revolutionary stove system boasting 80% fuel efficiency, thanks to a proprietary heat transfer system that integrates the burner and cookware into one unit The Personal Cooking System integrates burner and pot, while the included coffee press helps you get going in the morning with a darn good cup of joe Features: The key to it all is the FluxRing heat transfer system, which allows the stove to boil faster than other stoves and with a higher fuel efficiency ? 80% compared to 30 ? 40% of typical stoves Burner and pot are integrated into a single unit.

Backcountry Stove

For over 30 years, MSR's XGK Backcountry Stove has been the world's most reliable extreme-condition stove, trusted by mountaineers everywhere. Our new XGK EX builds on that legacy. Like its predecessor, the EX boasts unrivaled performance, dependably burning a greater variety of liquid fuels than any stove on the market. It also features a new flexible fuel line that allows it to pack smaller than ever, as well as retractable legs and pot supports for superior stabilityŚno matter where your next expedition takes you. Lifetime warranty.


Dutch Oven and Other Camp Cookin'
The book is a cookbook focusing on Dutch oven and camp cooking, spiced with humorous and informative stories of Mr. Welch's experiences cooking in the back country of Idaho. It includes the basics of history, selection, and care of Dutch ovens along with many recipes which a beginning Dutch oven cook, as well as a more experienced cook, will be able to master. The objective is to prepare easy, healthy, and delicious meals outdoors.

Wilderness Cuisine: How to Prepare and Enjoy Fine Food on the Trail and in Camp
Carole Latimer shares her twelve years of experience cooking for clients on wilderness trips in Wilderness Cuisine, a cookbook that proves enjoying the backcountry outdoors doesn't require giving up delectable gourmet food! Chapters address how to pack food and keep it fresh, how to equip a wilderness kitchen, how to set up camp and cook with minimal repercussions to the environment, how to keep food safe from animals, and much more.

The CAMP System: Learning to Live in Balance and Harmony with Food
The CAMP system is a step-by-step guide to a new way of eating. In today's increasingly dark tangle of diet programs, fads and outrageous promises, the CAMP system stands out as a clear, simple approach to defining new balance and harmony with food and eating relationships. Under the CAMP system, you can recapture control over food--control that you have given away or simply do not use.
Kindle Available

Solar Cooking for Home and Camp
Quickly toss together the ingredients for Cashew Curry, place it in the solar cooker, point the cooker to the midday sun, and head to work. You ll come home to a ready-to-eat hot meal. Solar cooking is a simple and easy way to prepare a meal without heating up the kitchen, simply by using the sun s heat.
Perfect for dishes requiring delicate cooking like Cheese Strata and Solar Baked Custard, and fish cooks up moist. Eliminate parboiling and marinating--it s done all in one step.

Betty Crocker Complete Dinner Meals

Chef Boyardee


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