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More than 100 years after 1870, Newport Beach's harbor is crowded with pleasure, fishing and tour boats, and its streets are busy with shoppers browsing at Fashion Island mall, tourists enjoying Balboa bars on Balboa Island and surfers tackling The Wedge or other hot spots along the city's 6.2 miles of beaches. Newport wasn't always such a desireable place. In the mid-1800s, the state of Californa sold parts of Harbor, Balboa and Lido islands for $1 an acre as "swamp and overflow land," according to the Newport Beach Historical Society. The McFaddens saw something else. In 1888, they decided their shipping business would be more successful if they moved it from the inner shores of the bay to the oceanfront, where they could build a wharf. McFadden Wharf soon became the largest business in newly created Orange County, according the the historical society.

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If you are planning to spend treasured vacations with your kids or with your friends, places that will pop out of your mind are Newport Beaches and Balboa Islands and many others in Newport. For sure you will be looking for an ambiance that is relaxing and something psychologically remedial. During summer, nothing can ever turn down the idea of having a stroll to beaches. The sound of the water and other natural world are soothing to the ear and carries a reliving factor. In California, there are many beautiful places that you may visit or where you can reside. Newport Beach is a great city to visit and play in. Beautiful Seaside Vacation Rentals With Views of Newport Beaches - These are beautiful, modern homes on an ocean and beachfront compound. Source:

Newport Beach California City History
When Capitain Samuel S. Dunnells successfully steered his 105-ton river steamer Vaquero through upper Newport Bay in 1870, James and Robert McFadden rushed from Northern California by stagecoach to mark the inaugural voyage. Dunnells' trip cast new light on the bay, which many had said was too treacherous for travel. But the principal landowners in the area - the McFadden brothers and James Irvine - throught they had something after Dunnells' trip. A "new port," they mused, and the name stuck, according to the Newport Beach Historical Society.

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2001 Registered Voters



Democratic 10,329
Independent 886
Green 253
Libertarian 353
Natural Law 133
Reform 226
Misc. 129
Decline To State 6,410
Total: 51,022

2000 Racial and Ethinic Population









Asian & Pacific Islander






All Other Races




2938 3.9%

Total Population:



* Segment of population not counted as part of Newport Coast in Census2000 counts

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